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Since 1895, Superior has been a leading producer of fine quality window coverings. Today, under the direction of two generations of the Fryburg family, the company has expanded to encompass two separate and growing entities: Superior Shades—a dynamic and innovative leader in window fashions, and Superior Fabrics—an increasing presence in home furnishings fabrics and industrial textiles. Central to their success are a diversified product base and a deep belief in teamwork, technology and timeless design.

Robert Fryburg, president, Superior Fabrics, and David Fryburg, president, Superior Shades.

Superior Shades continues its tradition of offering the finest window Covering products, fabrics and components for vertical and horizontal blinds to manufacturers and distributors throughout the window fashions industry. The Company's complete line of ready-made stock blinds is carried by many of the nation's top retailers and catalog marketers, while its made-to-measure programs have been developed to allow custom products to go from order to shipping in as few as three working days.

Superior Fabrics was originally conceived as a means of providing consistently high-quality fabrics for the company's window fashions. In response to market demands, however, Superior Fabrics has developed a product line extending well beyond vertical blind fabrics, to include stitchbond and warp knit tricot fabrics--for end uses such as mattress ticking, outdoor furniture, roofing material, apparel interlining and shoes--as well as industrial fabrics for coating and laminating. The quality of the fabric produced by the mill and Superior's active quest for new markets have contributed to the company's rapid growth and its high expectations for the future.

Superior's growth has been continual since its relocation from New York to Florida in 1980. Currently, the companies operate a modern, vertically integrated fabric mill and manufacturing facility exceeding 400,000 square feet in Pompano Beach, Florida, where warping, carding, knitting, dyeing, finishing and foam-coating are all done under one roof.

Superior's knitting department incorporates the latest technology to produce stitchbond and warp knit tricot fabrics for diversified end uses.

Increased global marketing has become a reality for Superior, with its full range of products now being exported to markets around the world, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Germany, Singapore, Korea and China. Superior believes American quality and styling have a place in homes around the world.

Fashion and product development receive significant attention and resources. Superior is dedicated to providing new and innovative products that will stimulate sales and keep the marketplace buoyant. The companies track fashion trends at home and abroad to give customers products as beautiful as they are dependable.

David Fryburg, president of Superior Shades, and Robert Fryburg, president of Superior Fabrics, believe their continued focus on providing quality, service and good value to customers ensures the Superior companies continued growth and success.

Extensive inventory means that customers can expect rapid turnaround of orders.

The sales and customer service departments are staffed by well-trained and caring personnel, each of whom is knowledgeable about company products and can provide advice and assistance in many areas, including information regarding ordering, production status, shipping and tracking. On-time hipping/delivery is a Superior tradition, as well as a point of pride.

Stringent quality control--one of the key elements in the company's manufacturing process and operating philosophy--makes Superior a respected name in the marketplace. All products begin with premium fibers and yarns, and are subjected to repeated quality control inspections during production. End-of-the-line inspection maintains Superior's high standards by randomly checking finished products for consistency of workmanship.

By combining technological achievement with an eye for fashion and a deep understanding of the need for high quality and competitive pricing, Superior Shades and Superior Fabrics hope to forge solid partnerships with their customers.

Every Superior product represents our companies’ efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Continual research and development, stringent quality control and rapid response back our efforts to serve as a leading supplier of window coverings, home fabrics and industrial textiles.

We look forward to serving you.

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