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Our Facility

Superior Fabrics currently operates a modern, vertically integrated manufacturing and warehousing facility exceeding 400,000 square feet in Pompano Beach, Florida, where warping, carding, knitting, dyeing, finishing and foam-coating are done under one roof. The mill, which is among the most advanced in the textile industry, can produce fabric from 3 to 10 ounces per square yard and up to 156 inches wide. Also located here is our sister company, Superior Shade and Blind Co., which manufactures vertical blinds using our polyester fabrics. In response to market demands, however, Superior Fabrics has developed a product line extending well beyond vertical blind fabrics, to include stitchbond and warp knit tricot fabrics for a variety of end uses.

Modern Machinery
New warp knitting machines enrich production capabilities.

Fitting the Needs of Industry

Because of Superior's extensive mill capabilities, including our own Research and Development department, our technicians can customize orders to meet exact needs based on the product's end use. From basic uncoated and coated fabrics for use in bedding and various other industries, to finished fabrics for window treatments, Superior provides customers with the service and quality that only a vertically integrated mill can offer.

Warping Process
Completely vertical production begins with the warping process to prepare the yarn for knitting.

Superior also stocks a variety of fabrics designed especially for the contract market. These fabrics have been treated with fire retardant finishes in order to meet the stringent fire code regulations required for government facilities.

The Finest Quality

Utilizing both the finest technicians in the industry and the most modern equipment available, Superior has established a new level of quality unmatched by other mills. A carefully controlled quality assurance program scrutinizes fabric through every stage of the milling process, further assuring customers of the finest finished product possible.

Quality is paramount, and all fabric is subjected to careful inspection.
Quality Control
Dyeing Process
In-house dyeing, finishing, and coating complete the fabric manufacturing process.
Finished mill rolls are slit for vertical blind production.

Fabrication of vertical blind vanes is performed to strict specifications.

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