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Product End Uses

Vertical BlindsHorizontal Blinds
The vertical and horizontal blinds in these photos were produced by our sister company, Superior Shade & Blind Co., Inc.
Shoe Lining
High performance athletic footwear requires high performance component fabrics.

Furniture Fabrics
Bright and elegant prints and solids grace popular casual furniture.

Superior Fabrics was originally conceived as a means of providing consistently high-quality fabrics for the company's window fashions. In response to market demands, however, we have developed a product line extending well beyond vertical blind fabrics, to include stitchbond and warp knit tricot fabrics. New end uses for these polyester fabrics are being developed every day. Some current uses are:

  • Window Treatments - for horizontal and vertical blinds and pleated shades, (greige goods and fully converted packages to your specifications)
  • Mattress Ticking - coated and uncoated, prepared for printing
  • Linings - for shoes, bra straps, apparel
  • Roofing - for cold process roofing and flashing (soft and stiff finish)
  • Furniture - for lining, decking, and casual furniture cushions
  • Backings - for lamination, casting, and other diversified items

If your company is looking for a fabric mill to produce nonwoven stitchbonded fabrics that can give you the quality, customization, and rapid delivery time your business requires, then we invite you to send feedback or call our sales department today at 1-800-423-6968. Discover the benefits only Superior Fabrics can offer you!

Export specialists for the last 10 years!
Reinforcement Felt for Roofing
Industrial textiles, such as polyester reinforcement felt for roofing, must be strong and long lasting.

Mattress Ticking
Stitchbond and tricot fabrics form the basis of many home furnishings products, including mattress ticking and bedspreads.

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